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Dr. Durwin Y. Libby is a gifted dentist, a caring healer, and a man of character. I have been his patient for seven years, and I continue to visit his practice, even though I have moved to Southern Maine, some 200 miles away. I keep coming back for the competent care that he and his staff provide. They are very up to date on improvements in their field and often discuss the training they take to improve their skills. Everyone in the office is dedicated to good care and they seem to love their jobs. They bring a balance of good humor and energy to their tasks, and every visit there is an enjoyable experience. (I never thought I could say this about dentistry!) Dr. Libby, himself, projects both empathy and competence, has patience with his patients, and wins one’s trust immediately. I could see on my first visit that the attitude, energy, and skill of the staff are an extension of his own. Sometimes it seems like a long drive for good dental care, but I am always happy I made the trip.